Guided Climbing

 Classic trips, amazing experiences, spectacular views all with some of the most experienced guides in the Midwest!

Sugarloaf Summit

Standing 600ft above Winona, this amazing 4hr rock climbing trip is an experience you will never forget!

After warming up and learning some basic climbing technique, your guide will lead you and your group to the airy summit of the Sugarloaf, one of the few true summits in the Midwest!

[*All equipment included pricing]


One-on-One       $275/person

Two Climbers     $185/person

Three Climbers   $150/person

Four Climbers    $130/person

Five Climbers      $115/person

Six Climbers        $105/person

Larger Group    Call/Email




Ice Climbing

The Ultimate Winter Experience!

The Winona Ice park is one of only a four man made ice climbing parks in the world! Let Big River Climbing Guides introduce you to this amazing experience.  When first considering ice climbing it seems way out of the realm of possible winter outdoor activities but with BRCG you can experience the amazing vertical flows of ice right in town!  Ice climbing trips average 4-5 hrs and all climbing equipment is included. Don't miss this chance to try one of the most unique expereinces in the world!

ice park1.jpg




ONE-ON-ONE  $300






Intro to Rock Climbing

New to the vertical world? This classic 3-4 hr introduction to rock climbing is the perfect way to try out one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  Join our guides for a fun, relaxing but exhilarating time climbing some of the fun "cruiser" routes on the sugarloaf. Enjoy the amazing views of Winona and the Mississippi River while choosing the level of challenge that is just right. We will begin on some shorter and easier climbs to get adjusted and then its up to you where we go from there! Challenge by choice philosophy is a guiding principle at BRCG which means you will never feel pressured to step too far out of your comfort zone.



One-on-One       $250

Two Climbers     $165

Three Climbers   $140

Four Climbers    $110

Five Climbers      $100

Six Climbers        $85

Larger Group    Call/Email